Proposed Merchandise | Amir Khan

A range of proposed merchandise designs for professional world boxer and I'm A Celeb star Amir Khan.

I was commissioned by Powah Merch to create some proposed designs for professional boxer Amir Khan, as they prepared for his new site and merchandise launch. This exciting opportunity saw a number of designs created for use across t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases and other items.

The client asked for designs that reflected the ‘King Khan’ brand, whilst also looking at dynamic and ‘simple’ options, allowing for both sports and day-to-day use. I put together some draft ideas for the team at Powah that drew on this, the ‘swoosh’ idea being taken from the ‘K’ of Amir’s logo and the ‘Pro Boxer’ type design drawing from ranges at high-street retailers.

Unfortunately my designs don’t appear to have been selected by Amir for use in his merchandise range.. as yet.

Project Photos