Why Your Branding Is Important

Logos and brands are in our lives more than we know. Everything from your mobile phone to the air freshener in your car usually is a product of a brand. Some are stronger than others, with big names such as Apple, Coca Cola and Nike being just a few of the major players.Your brand is all the elements that come together to create an image and persona for your business, including your logo, colour schemes, tone of voice and more – giving your company, products or services meaning. Here’s why it’s important to have your brand perfected to fuel your growth and create a solid foundation for your customers and clients:

  • It gives you a unique identity that allows you to stand out from other businesses

Your business isn’t just up against the competition in a 20 mile radius. It’s potentially up against every bit of competition from around the globe! Particularly with the internet being what it is today and how easy it is to find what you need online, your strong brand assets and tone of voice may be enough to make the customer take the plunge with that click on to your website or to fill out that contact form.

  • Creates trust & recognition

No-one’s going to trust a business that looks like their logo has been drawn by an eight year old, right? Putting some thought and effort into your brand, with everything from your logo to the tone of voice, can really make the difference.

People give their custom to organisations that they’re familiar with and if you can cleverly make your brand approachable and familiar before they’ve even done business with you in the first place, you’re on to a winner. If they take a bit more persuading, at least you’ll be trusted and remembered for next time.

  • A strong brand can help prove your worth and add value

It shows when a business has taken the time to invest in itself to survive and prosper in the marketplace. This sits well with customers who can already see that you do things to a high standard and average isn’t good enough.

Once you’ve proved your worth and trust is built, the name of your business alone may be enough to sell your products and services. Think about Coca-Cola and Nike, for example. Whilst there’s some significantly cheaper and just as good alternatives out there, people still return to what they trust, know works and are familiar with – and might even pay silly money for the privilege!

  • But how do you tie everything together? Setting some rules for your brand from day one is a great idea…

Without a clear direction for your brand, it’s very easy to wander off into unchartered territory or for designers and social media managers to start churning out content that doesn’t really reflect the the business.

Create some rules, or brand guidelines, that everyone can follow in the same direction for ultimate brand and employee satisfaction.

If you want to start your branding journey or need some help developing your existing assets, get in touch to arrange a coffee and get your project off the ground. 

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